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Why You Should Trim Trees and Bushes in Your Garden

The above infographic offers some techniques on keeping your trees well tended. Here I’ll say a little about the benefits that come with it.

Trees provide manage advantages as can pruning and trimming. Pruning is a horticultural practise that has been practised for a long time in order to alter the growth or shape of a plant. Since it aims to improve not only the appearance but also the aesthetic value of a tree or bush, pruning can be considered as preventive maintenance. Besides improving the aesthetic value, there are plenty other reasons as to why you should prune your plants.

Promote plant health

Pruning is integral in the removal of dead branches or those that have been affected by diseases, lightning or storms. It also helps in removal of branches and stubs that rub together hence affecting the health of the plant.

Improve the general appearance of the landscape

Pruning can go a long way in to encouraging fruit and flower development. It is also integral in maintaining a desired shape of a tree or shrub in addition to maintaining a dense hedge.

Protects people and property

When you prune, you remove all the dead and weak branches that would have otherwise fallen and caused damages to people and property. Always ensure that you get rid of tree branches that overhang houses, sidewalks and parking bays.

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– Dan Strous, Company Manager

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